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Our Will Packages

 – You will need to visit us on at least 2 occasions.
 – The first visit will be to meet you and take your instructions.
 – Thereafter we will draft the will based upon your instructions above and post a draft to you for your approval.
 – Once you have approved the draft you will need to visit us again and we will have the final will ready for you to sign in our presence.

We can also visit at home/hospital etc. and charge a flat fee of £100 in addition to the adverstised fee for our packages for such visits.   

Single wills in Telford

Single Will – £150

This package covers the drafting of a single bespoke Will.

Mirror wills in Telford

Mirror Wills £250

These are usually drafted where a couple make almost identical Wills. For example a couple leave everything to each other when either one of them dies. If both partner’s die at the same time then they leave everything for their children.

Emergency wills in Telford

Emergency Wills £500

This is for emergency situations and we will endeavor to prepare the Will within 3 working days.