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Who should make a will?

Telford will explain who should make a will?

– All adults should make a will, particularly those with assets such as land, property, bank accounts or a business.

– Families with children who wish to provide for them.

– Individuals who are married and wish to leave their estate for their wife or children.

– Unmarried couples who are living together, as without a will the estate could go to the deceased’s family rather than their unmarried partner.

– Individuals who wish to leave a monetary gift to someone or a charity.

When you make a will during your lifetime then you can decide who should benefit from your estate and what they should get.

If there is no will then the rules of Intestacy dictate how your estate will be divided and therefore the people that benefit may not be those that you would have liked to get a share from your estate.

If you die without making a will your family members could be left with no right to your estate. This could include unmarried partners, close friends, carers or relatives.

It is a popular misconception that you do not need to make a will if you are married because all your estate will go to your partner, this is NOT necessarily true.